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Why Work at Bezeq OnLine?

There are many good reasons to work at Bezeq OnLine.

First and foremost, because of the interesting and dynamic environment. With us you’ll be where the action is. (How many other companies can say that?)
We offer you a flexible job, shifts suitable for you. So, if you are a student, an IDF veteran, a young person or a mother – this is the place for you.
Should we go on? If you're interested in a managerial career, then it’s important that you know: about 80% of the Bezeq OnLine management team grew from within the organization.
The reason for that is we have cultivated a process for identifying and developing future management. We do this in order to encourage employees to advance, develop and become part of the core of the company.
And last, but not least, the youthful and vibrant atmosphere, the top-notch crew and excellent work conditions. 

Send Your Resume

The following is a list of the currently available positions at Bezeq OnLine. We will be happy if you find one of the jobs interesting and send us your resume. We promise to respond to every application.

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