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Your Success Is Our Focus 


Eyal Yehiel, Director of Marketing at Egged, says:

“Bezeq OnLine and Egged have been collaborating for over six years.
There is no doubt that during this time, Egged has progressed a long way – in both the volume and quality of service we can provide our customers. This is all thanks to the successful cooperation between our two companies. Bezeq OnLine sees their service to us as a "strategic partnership," and not merely as a vendor-client relationship. Combined with the high level of technology, operational management, and human capital it has allocated to support our activity, Bezeq OnLine has greatly contributed to Egged’s success.” 







“The high level of the technology, operational management and human resources provided by Bezeq OnLine contributed greatly to the success of our undertakings…”

Eyal Yechiel, Director of Marketing, Egged