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Sales Management and Telemarketing


What are your requirements? Management of a small-scale sales center or of sales centers staffed daily with dozens of sales representatives? We have vast experience and proven success in the establishment and ongoing management of sales centers of all sizes. Your call centers’ sales representatives will be carefully selected by means of a recruitment process that ensures their suitability for working in call centers in general, and for meeting your specific needs in particular.  

Focused on Results

We are focused on achieving results. We take a series of steps, each of which have been designed and tested over time and have been proven to increase sales: 

  • Sales team managers undergo ongoing telemarketing training, after which they train sales representatives in every aspect of making sales calls, including practice and demonstrations.

  • We promote effective methods to increase motivation and create a positive sales atmosphere.

  • We design and implement all sorts of promotions and campaigns using automated systems – SMS, IVR, etc. 

  • We have developed a unique working model – based on the intelligent management of customer records, which takes a wide range of parameters into account – that maximizes potential.

  • A special learning atmosphere for continuous improvement.
    An especially effective measurement and reward system

“The high level of the technology, operational management and human resources provided by Bezeq OnLine contributed greatly to the success of our undertakings…”

Eyal Yechiel, Director of Marketing, Egged