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    Bezeq OnLine has incorporated the QlikView business intelligence system: Ness Gilon is the company that implemented this process


    Bezeq OnLine has adopted QlikView’s business intelligence (BI) software in cooperation with Ness-Gilon, which has developed a comprehensive BI solution for all of the company’s core systems.

    Bezeq OnLine launched the QilkView BI system this week, at a festive event attended by all company employees.
    Bezeq OnLine has invested some NIS2 million in the implementation process, which began in March 2010 with the mapping of the organization's information needs from the junior level through the senior management level, and just recently ended.

    Shai Cohen, VP Operations and Service spoke about his experience with the BI system at the luncheon event.

    "The BI system that we implemented at Bezeq OnLine is cutting-edge technology supporting real-time operational data, financial processes, and HR processes. It enhances our flexibility, improves our ability to react and equips us with an advanced analytical tool that is needed in the dynamic environment of today," says CEO Eran Crystal.

    The BI solution at Bezeq OnLine was implemented with a team of senior consultants from Ness-Gillon, known for its vast experience with similar service, operations and finance applications, including the development of a number of business scenarios and models in the realms of Operations (performance, sales, service, HR, compensation, training),and Finance (complete financial reports, accounting data, purchasing, and advanced monthly and daily profitability analysis models). The system displays data directly from operational systems without an intermediate data storage stage.

    Rachel Levy, VP Technologies at Bezeq OnLine: "This BI solution is designed to display a single picture that best reflects the integration of complex real-time data gathered from Bezeq OnLine’s core systems, including ERP Priority, HR, payroll, attendance, CRM, CTI, survey management, and Excel spreadsheets with that of our clients’ systems. This complex software was designed with a lot of thought, and as a response to rising needs as determined from our preliminary analyses conducted with different departments.”

    Ophir Hazut, VP Operations and Service at Bezeq OnLine: "The BI system we have implemented generates savings of 80% in the time it takes to produce financial reports. Managers who until recently were busy producing reports are now using their time to analyze information and make decisions in real time; indeed, this tool improves the manager’s perspective, allowing for quick and effective decisions.”

    Bezeq OnLine has joined dozens of companies and public bodies in Israel who use the QlikView software, among them:
    Netafim, Elbit Systems, Motorola, IDF, Israel Police, Comverse Technology, Ministry of Education, Tara, Osem, and more.

    QlikView was developed in Sweden and is sold today in 90 countries worldwide. The software is based on unique, patented In-Memory BI technology. When reading the raw data, the software creates a data cloud containing multiple (many-to-many) logical connections, giving unskilled users advanced data analysis capability previously reserved only for professional analysts.
    Utilizing DAR (Dashboard, Analysis, Reporting) technology, this program gives users the ability to have a bird’s-eye view of a range of data, or to drill down to one data set.

    Gil Zeira, Project Manager at Ness-Gillon: "We have created a single organizational truth, deepening data analysis and managing, in a short time, to implement a full BI solution for the company that is enabling a broad, comprehensive view of all activities; this enables us to focus on what is important, and it especially highlights exceptions. Users are impressed by the tool and understand its capabilities. Gradually, the tool came to be used more and more by operations, service, and finance on a daily basis.”

    Bezeq OnLine, part of the Bezeq Group, began operating in 2001.

    Bezeq OnLine specializes in providing telemarketing services: the design, management and operation of service and sales centers (telemarketing), and conducting surveys of various kinds for different types of clients, whether outsourced through Bezeq OnLine or insourced at the client’s site.

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