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Operational Structure 


Our service and sales centers are run by talented, experienced executives, all with proven track records in managing different types of centers, as well as complex sales and service organizations in a variety of fields. 

Behind every successful call center is a smart operational structure

We believe that a successful operational structure is based on four elements:

1. Flexibility and efficiency

A flexible and efficient operation means rapid configuration of your centers by skilled design teams; recruitment of the right number of highly trained representatives to operate the center; and scalability (when needed).


2. Learning from experience
Experience has taught us to examine and re-examine our methods continuously. To do this, we pause every once in awhile to analyze our progress and processes. We test ourselves constantly: where we acted correctly, where we need to improve, what requires adjustment and how we can excel. Obviously, it is not a simple process; but it is easier when we remember the goal: consistent improvement on behalf of you and your customers.


3. Ongoing monitoring and measurement
We do not engage in guesswork. Our technological systems allow us to generate reports at any time and get reliable, up-to-date snapshots of many variables, referencing all possible cross-sections: the center’s activity patterns, teams’ performances, the degree of success of each customer representative, and more. The ongoing collection and analysis of this information enable us to understand our customers’ needs and make strategic decisions leading to the systematic improvement and streamlining of the center’s operation.

4. Focusing on results / objectives
"Your success is our focus" is not just our slogan. For us it is a way of life. We hope this does not sound too pretentious but your goals are our goals, which we aim to achieve.

“The high level of the technology, operational management and human resources provided by Bezeq OnLine contributed greatly to the success of our undertakings…”

Eyal Yechiel, Director of Marketing, Egged