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When it comes to the successful management and operation of a service or sales center, we have no doubt: It’s all about the employees!

Every employee at the center has a significant impact on the success of the company, as representatives of the company vis-a-vis customers and those who provide the customers with the initial, and sometimes the most important, response.

When interacting personally with customers – good reps will answer the call, but great reps will give it their all.


Working for You

Each year we recruit hundreds of sales and service call center representatives to work in a variety of locations managed by the company. In order to meet our high standards, we have developed a unique process for filtering and sorting, specially designed for call center work. Moreover, we have a trained, skilled, professional recruiting team specifically for this purpose.
The proximity to Ben-Gurion University allows us to recruit highly qualified representatives regularly. 


This Is How It Works – Step by Step:

1. Identifying the client's needs; jointly defining the profile of the ideal job candidate.
2. Targeted advertising of help-wanted ads.

3. Recruitment and selection of candidates according to specific criteria.

4. Comprehensive training: the acquisition of practical skills, professional development, and creating a commitment to customer service values over time..

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