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    End of Camp Season

    Bezeq OnLine does it again: a pampering summer camp for employees’ children


    The children of Bezeq OnLine employees enjoyed two weeks of fun, as part the company’s summer camp for employees and their children. The camp was designed to make it easy for parents during the last days of summer vacation, and included a wide range of activities and attractions, starting from a day at the pool, to chocolate workshops, to a movie day, to a visit to the Zoological Garden and the “Amazing Space” (HaChalal HaMufla), and many other fun times. Most of the activities were held in the company's facilities during the day, so that parents could drop by and visit their children.

    Claudine Eliav, accountant and mother of Elad, who is five and a half:
    "At the end of summer vacation it is really difficult to find something to do with our children, so the children's camp was an excellent solution.
    Besides the fact that it’s a great alternative to the children’s boredom, the company also subsidized 60% of the cost, so it was really worthwhile. It's fun to be part of a company that knows how to treat its employees. From my experience, I know that there are not many such companies.”
    Inbar Bracha, HR (Welfare) manager at Bezeq OnLine:
    Bezeq OnLine employs many parents, especially young mothers; that is why there is a special emphasis on a nurturing family atmosphere and concern for the individual. The camp is a classic example of a solution for an important family need at the end of the summer vacation. This effort by the company strengthens the employees’ family ties to the organization.
    We believe that the employee is the heart of the organization; the well-being of the employee is important in creating a relaxed and fruitful working environment. Therefore, throughout the year we sponsor fun days and other events such as trips, parties, lectures, films, holiday events, birthdays, etc. Bezeq OnLine, part of the Bezeq Group, began operating in 2001.

    Bezeq OnLine specializes in providing telemarketing services: the design, management and operation of service and sales centers (telemarketing), and conducting surveys of various kinds for different types of clients, whether outsourced through Bezeq OnLine or insourced at the client’s site.

    “The high level of the technology, operational management and human resources provided by Bezeq OnLine contributed greatly to the success of our undertakings…”

    Eyal Yechiel, Director of Marketing, Egged