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Technological Infrastructure 


Telephony switchboards, CRM systems or IVR systems are just part of the support structure encompassing all our call center services.

Our solutions are based on state-of-the-art Contact Center technology, supported by the world's highest specifications and standards.

We invite you to check out the variety of advanced technological solutions that we offer and select those suitable for you.

Telephony Switchboards

Would you like to add a ringback tone (a personal greeting tone or message as an automated response to incoming calls)? You can easily do so.


CRM System

This system includes a variety of built-in applications to help you easily improve customer management: rapid project design, importation of customer lists and information, creation of dynamic call scripts, automatic addition of background processes, real-time display of reports, and more. The system interfaces with the enterprise’s switchboard, CTI systems and recording systems.

CTI Systems

A system to route an organization’s incoming and outgoing calls.
You can configure the routing and optimize it for the center and the caller, according to preset rules and settings configurable in the system: different messages, a variety of scripts, various waiting settings per hourly load, the number dialed, call prioritization, and more. 

IVR System

A system that allows you to record messages in advance and integrate them into the client routing process, as well as notify the client of the estimated waiting time, their place in line, etc.


Recording System

Want to record the conversations between the call center representative and the customer? Our recording system is exactly what you need. Additionally, you can also record the screens used by representatives while communicating with customers.
The system includes a web portal that provides secure access to listen in to conversations for quality control purposes.

Knowledge Management System

This system provides you with an advanced work environment allowing all team members to collaborate and share knowledge quickly and efficiently: to coordinate tasks and share briefings, call scripts and updates.


Internal Organizational Send and Receive Fax System

The RightFax system, a world leader in intra-enterprise fax systems, allows you to send and receive faxes from any computer in the organization via three principal methods: RightFax (client), e-mail interface, and/or Web interface.

Rest assured – the system is reliable and capable of handling heavy loads.

SMS Sending System

Sending an SMS at the end of a call, after a purchase or as a reminder, improves service and strengthens the effectiveness of the sale. It can reduce customer callbacks, while continuing to serve the customer and boosting the customer’s sense of confidence. It can also reduce calling costs. 


Infrastructure and Information Security

We insist on the highest standards of information security and data integrity for our clients and ourselves. We do not compromise on security of data and storage and use the most advanced and innovative products available in the market.


Information Security

The company’s network is secured by CheckPoint’s latest firewall, ensuring high survivability. 

Enterprise Mail Filter and Protection System

Our system incorporates a high-performance e-mail protection system, from an industry leader, that includes spam filtering capabilities, protection from viruses and Trojan horses, prevention of spam advertising by sites violating enterprise policy, etc.


Antivirus System for Email Servers

The latest updated TrendMicro anti-virus protection system, which is maintained on a continuous basis.
The system is updated daily and protects user mailboxes from viruses and Trojan horses.


Information Storage

All of our customers' data and critical information is stored on EMCs leading storage systems from the VNX series. 

Information Backup

Our backup system provides a solution for backing up any organization’s critical data, on a variety of levels (full backup, incremental or differential). It can be automatically scheduled at agreed intervals.


Network Survivability

Bezeq OnLine’s network is based on two backbone switches connected in a cluster in a way that ensures survivability.
The infrastructure is maintained continuously and can provide Layer 2 and Layer 3 interconnection, according to your requirements.


“The high level of the technology, operational management and human resources provided by Bezeq OnLine contributed greatly to the success of our undertakings…”

Eyal Yechiel, Director of Marketing, Egged