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Majority rules! Israel’s leading companies in diverse fields rely on Bezeq OnLine’s sophisticated systems to obtain and analyze customer feedback. In collaboration with professional research organizations, the company’s polling and survey department provides comprehensive solutions, from defining sampling methods to devising questionnaires, recording findings and analyzing reports.

Data collection is handled by our experienced, skilled survey team, with strict emphasis on objective sampling and ensuring quality and accuracy.

Our polling centers integrate the market’s most advanced CATI (computer-assisted telephone interviewing) survey systems, capable of conducting a wide variety of surveys, including advanced sampling management and quota control. The entire data collection process is automated, from the gathering of samples to the submission of the survey findings.

All surveys carried out by the company are recorded, and if necessary, access to the recording system can be provided.

“The high level of the technology, operational management and human resources provided by Bezeq OnLine contributed greatly to the success of our undertakings…”

Eyal Yechiel, Director of Marketing, Egged